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Under the left, there is a digest article of a digital permanent wave and the curly hair correction.


It might be photograph ? ?   (・o・) ?   [tto] of the vegetable why, and be a desire. "It is fresh" and "There is [puruntoshita] elasticity. "Garlic bud like asparagus

  Such a hair is original "Healthy hair". Even if the treatment, it shampoos, and it doesn't rely on an artificial resin, it returns it to the hair with enriching and [koshi] made [purun] like source [kami]. A curly hair correction by the idea, and a digital permanent wave work in vivace.

  In the permanent wave and the curly hair correction, [gen] cause is "Excessive swelling of the alkali" that the hair [pasa]s, attaches, and hurts is ..main..... If the frequency in which the alkali is made for them to touch as much as possible is decreased, the hair is sure to become beautiful as for the hair color though it is so. The hair is not macerated with the alkali, and "Only the peculiarity is unpicked" curly hair is corrected.

  It might be feeling that has not been experienced, and "- ..true..?" ..of worry about the curly hair correction perhaps and the pain of the permanent wave.. It is likely ..[tto].. to be seemed.   

  It is from "The style is not decided in the hand blow. " though thought that the flat iron and the curling iron are often used when finishing it up with the hair salon in the curly hair correction and the permanent wave.

  When it doesn't let enriching the hair go, and freshness is kept, straight hair and the curl hair come to be easily settled with hand [gushi].

  A right photograph is a customer of actual VIVACE.   It is everybody, and a styling of the hand blow.   (^-^)


VIVACE blog full of information 

Under the left, there is a digest article of a digital permanent wave and the curly hair correction.


The blog above is the one that the desire to the hair style and the hair was written down while cooperating in the customer of vivace.

  (The question on a curly hair correction [yade] digital permanent wave and other menu : to a comment column here please. Though gourmet information etc. have mixed, too ・・・ [Wara]. )


It expands at the pace of 12cm a year of 1cm a month the hair. Of once..recover..provide..first time..twice..eye..color..permanent wave..curly feel.

Image of acidulous curly hair correction



Curly hair correction 1

To ..Tsuya Tsuya.. [kami] in an acidulous curly hair correction and a digital permanent wave.   !(^^)!


Digital permanent wave 1
In the minimal damage, a digital permanent wave   O(^-^) o.


Even a digital permanent wave : in acidulous.

・Air wave (air permanent wave) [kotepa-ma] spa curl film permanent wave ([efupa-ma]) keratin permanent wave and water permanent wave, etc. ・・・

"Digital permanent wave" put by the same mechanism as the curly hair correction is another completely concept though it is variously also in the permanent wave. 

In addition, it can enjoy the curl with enriching natural elasticity even in the fine hair in a hard peculiarity hair and cat [] hair when a digital permanent wave is put with an acidulous medicine. 

Please test an acidulous digital permanent wave once by all means.


(When he or she is an acidulous digital permanent wave, the customer in the photograph can put out such a curl even by the hand blow though there was damage in the hair color. )


 Digital permanent wave 2

     Q&A from the customer etc. are variously published.

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Please see by all means. 

Acidulous curly hair correction 
Digital permanent wave(shape storage permanent wave rolling hair permanent wave) 

Hair salon of [kashiwamatsudo] of full menu that hair and feelings become glad  

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The finish time becomes the menu to 22:30 at night at the acceptance end time. 
(To the menu that finishes at 22 o'clock on Monday. )

  When there is a reservation early morning such as "Hair arrangement of the wedding" in the next day
I am sorry, the acceptance time might be adjusted.   
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[Ipuranpafe] shampoo treatment

[Beta]ing doesn't attach to the steady breathing in so that it is not creaky, and enriching may remain softly either. 
The damage hair, habit [] hair, cat [] hair, and the wave are mysterious feeling from which acupuncture comes out softly. (*^o^*)

(The number of [ipuran] treatment commodities is increased to the vivace shop at any time. Please     order the commodity not handled from the direct sale site after ordering to vivace or seeing

- [Yo] with privilege when writing, "Came from [viva-che] HP" in the remarks column when ordering by the direct sale of [ipuran].   !(^^)!  )

- [Ribaijingupurasu] *(To the hair repair after treatment of a curly hair correction and a digital permanent wave. )

[Hena], soap shampoo, and permanent wave(blog)
When the curl doesn't go out to just putting a digital permanent wave (permanent wave)(blog)
It supplemented the set menu. 
The page of "[Nonjiaminkara-]" was added. 
"Question on [kotepa-ma]"
"It is felt that a digital permanent wave is done and the feeling is hard. "
"Curly hair correction that becomes familiar with peculiarity hair"
"Vivace related to curly hair correction blog article list"


Time zone of which the reservation is full will fill in on the blog as much as possible, and refer, please on the weekend. 

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It is possible to play together when the staff is free, too. 
A small child is a friendly "[Biba-che]ing goes" [tto] hair salon that can be said.

To the customer of the curly hair correction digital permanent wave
Thank you for a lot of digital permanent waves, reserving the curly hair correction, and getting it. 

It would be greatly appreciated when it is possible to reserve it to bringing forward if the date is decided because there is a day when the reservation on that day is not taken easily a little. 

- Curly hair..correction..shape..memory..permanent wave..hurt..worry..person..current

If it is [ramerame] digital permanent wave acidulous curly hair correction, it is hair salon VIVACE (beauty parlor) in Matsudo City. - [Ramerametori-tomento] *

Make the protein crystal condition the board "Lamellar crystal structure" of original [hahoniko], and ..(.. inside and outside of the hair
It is enriched, and the court is given with the nutrient. 
It was softly enriched and [kamishitsu] comes to have changed though it was a whispering. 
The staff also tries by its hair and it is recommended "Terrible-..saying.. !". 

- It becomes easy to be settled the hair style of the person with peculiarity [] hair. (The peculiarity is eased. )
- It hurts in the color and the permanent wave. (The volume of water is in order and natural elasticity goes out. )
- The surface becomes a crane crane like the court's having been worn. 
-  To the  after court of the curly hair correction

If it is shape storage digital permanent wave acidulous curly hair correction, it is hair salon VIVACE (beauty parlor) in Matsudo City. - Shape storage digital permanent wave *

( rolling hair permanent wave and shape storage permanent wave)

Hair salon (beauty parlor) digital permanent wave curly hair correction of [kashiwamatsudo] City Vivace hairstyle
"- ..easy maintenance it.. is done. "

The curl goes out only to dry Kulukulu by the finger easily , saying that "[Kurun]". wave..shape..memory..permanent wave..Japan..for the first over..shape..memory..permanent wave..take..original..knowhow..add..damage..few..beautiful..curl..go out..devise.

It is recommended a person not good at the maintenance of the permanent wave to say nothing of the rolling hair and a big curl want to last long. 

- [Kyupuasutori-tomento] *

[Kyupuasutori-tomento] that color enters
It is a treatment of damp feeling of quality to be able to do [kara-chenji] that makes plant "[Kyupasubata-] ([kyupuasubata-])" of Amazon a raw material. 
So as not to hurt a usual hair color and middle-hair end, the root can be dyed with [kyupuasu]. 
(hair color +1000 yen)
It is dyed hurting even neither the extension nor the super-damage hair by the treatment. 

Trivia ・・・ Does the  curly hair correction of acidulous :? 
(From the vivace blog. )

What is the curly hair correction of acidulous etc.

- Alkalinity was most so far in the perm solution and the  hair relaxer . It is a reducing agent of the principal ingredient. (Thioglycolic acid salt etc.Permanent waves are reduced the hair, cut uniting, and unite again with the oxidant after that. )It is because swelling [sasete] is made easy to enter because a ..drinking.. molecular amount is large, and it doesn't enter the hair easily the alkali. 

- However, the medicine that infiltrated the hair even if the alkali was not put recently was developed, too. The swelling [suruto] hair ..[basabasa].. hurts excessively in the alkali. The permanent wave and the curly hair correction's doing [hodokojutsu] by ..reducing agent.. ..[giragiri].. effective also of both doesn't hurt most. 

- The cause of hurting in the curly hair correction and the permanent wave
Excessive swelling in 1 and alkali. 
Excessive reduction with 2 and reducing agent. 
Excessive heating with 3( At the curly hair correction) and the iron. 
This three are the main. 

- A permanent wave that the  curly hair correction of acidulous
 and is acidulous does [hodokojutsu] excluding the first in this.  

- The element is reduced by a new element of not a past thioglycolic acid but cysteamine. 

- Molecular weight is smaller than the thioglycolic acids cysteamines, and it infiltrates the swelling [sasenakutemo] hair by the alkali. 

- Molecular weight is "It sizes grain [tsubuno]. "There is a size of grain in size [chigauyou] of grain , saying that Rice … the soybean … ping-pong gem … though it doesn't see in eyes like the material. 

- Molecular weight is small, and in the cysteamine, the hair infiltrates for a moment by moisture swelling [sureba] and demonstrates the reducing power. It is an acidulous curly hair correction to have applied this to the  curly hair correction, and having applied it to the permanent wave is an acidulous permanent wave.  

- Suitable one is that * hair hurts thinly easily There is damage in the color and the permanent wave of * repetition * color has just been done. 

- The hair is fat, the color is not done, and the peculiarity thinks that here is better because there is a hair relaxer of [yowa] ....strong one.. peel.. alkali, too. (The medicine of the strong alkali is not used in many cases and ends. )

- In VIVACE, a lot of hair relaxers have been tested up to now. (including well-known curly hair correction manufacturer)。Six kinds of hair relaxers are matched in the state of customer's hair and being selected while seeing the feature respectively now. It is often when the vicinity of the root, the middle part, the hair end, and the medicine are divided. 

- The hair end is a hair that appeared for about as many as three years ago if there are 30-centimeter hair. It is likely to be going to shampoo it at least 1000 times or more in as many as three years. The color and the permanent wave also are often, and have the difference by several-time between those by the state of the vicinity of the root and the hair end that much. 

- When the difference of the damage level is few, it is possible to adjust it even by the time difference when spreading it. 

- (Especially, in the curly hair correction) The permanent wave when it thinks so The drug solution spreading thinks that it understands very much importantly. It is likely to become [boroboro], and the hair is whispering glossy no matter how it does done [**] and is made 1-2 permanent wave and  curly hair corrections if the cause of three pains ahead is not thought.  .

- Think about the risk by all means for the home color because a similar thing can be said even by the color (way where the pain is few and hurting ways). 

- Permanent wave * of [viva-che]

In the pain in a curly hair correction and a digital permanent wave, an excessive action of wrong [hodokojutsu] and the drug solution is major causes. 

For instance, the place where it also has beautifully taken both a curly hair correction and a digital permanent wave may not apply the medicine liquid since the second times. 

Very..basic..know..easy..make a
It is very regrettable that there are a lot of hair salons where such wrong [hodokojutsu] is made nonchalant in daily life. 

The hair recovers considerably though it tends to be seemed, "It is reluctant" and "The permanent wave (curly hair correction) hurts" because the customer side doesn't understand the content of [hodokojutsu] well if [hodokojutsu] that becomes a minimum load is continued for half a year - at least one year. 

The reason for the hair is that no "Reproduction" when it says whether to drive it in half a year - why one year the lowest. 

The hair doesn't reproduce even if it injures though reproduces even if it injures the skin. 
It is not to cure it completely in the treatment though the feeling and enriching are ameliorable for the short term. 

In vivace, a perm solution, a digital perm solution, the hair relaxer, and the color medicine (The color is corrected) without the alkalis are chiefly used. 

If there is hair salon who is reading this"The permanent wave (curly hair correction) doesn't hang to the person doesn't take easily if it doesn't rely on the alkali. "
..might the desire... 

In general, it interprets it so. 

However, the alkali is too unnecessary in the perm solution originally. 
It is because it only has to use the drug solution that can reduce the hair (Contents of the hair are unpicked for the permanent wave and the curly hair correction) in an acid region. 

It evolves in the homepage and the blog the medicine used and [hodokojutsu] have evolved by VIVACE between those though about three years have passed since the idea of VIVACE was written, too. 

The development of the drug solution is also advanced, and it is different from [hodokojutsu] three years ago and present [hodokojutsu] because it always thinks so that "It doesn't hurt, and be nicer-looking" result may come out in the experience of every day. 

It product.. ..[derutabini].. experiments from tens of company one manufacturer, it takes if it is better than the present one, it rejects if it is not good, and it uses it for [hodokojutsu] of the customer of the always best drug solution. 

Chile Chile and dry [bowa]
The style is not settled. 

Please leave the person who feels it to VIVACE once by all means. 

The part made on the day is being mistake it with [hodokojutsu] that the one that it takes time until it immediately improves, and the pain recovers is correct in several months ameliorable. 

I would like you to enjoy a wonderful hair style because it improves the state of the hair to the person who finds VIVACE on the homepage of a lot of hair salons by all means. 

If it sees the article which the state of customer's hair is near, and it is possible to come to a store after the content of [hodokojutsu] is consented, it is glad though everything might not be able to be read because a lot of articles are recorded in the blog and the homepage. 

I will do [hodokojutsu] by the entire staff hard. 

  Manager [hea-viva-che]


The beautician   job offer   staff wanted. 


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